Merch for Podcasters

We're a branding shop out of Tomball, Texas with a passion for podcasting and good swag.

Why Choose Us?

Our team started PodMerch after we realized there was a lack of desirable podcast t-shirt designs. Our first design was our "Ask Me About My Podcast" t-shirt which was a huge hit. Not only was it a fun design but it was also a clear call to action which helped drive traffic to our podcasts. We are a branding agency based out of Tomball, Texas, and we knew we could create something better for podcasters than what was already out there. Our designs are modern, inclusive, and are truly impressive. Not only do we have a full line up of amazing designs to promote your podcast but we can also help your team with custom design and fulfillment for your shows.

Super-stylish shirts - and I'm all about the designs made specifically for Podcast Editors!

Steve Stewart
Co-Founder of Podcast Editor Academy